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What is MINI Sharing?

MINI Sharing is MINI’s new peer-to-peer sharing service. It lets you easily share your MINI with your family, friends and colleagues when you don't need it yourself. This mobile solution offers you a shared calendar between you and your drivers. This helps you manage your sharing times and provide keyless access for the drivers to your MINI. But the benefits don’t end there. As an owner yourself, you can also use the MINI Sharing app to locate, open, drive and close your MINI with the MINI Sharing app.


Who can get MINI Sharing?

You can easily get MINI Sharing as an accessory from  your dealer. However, not every MINI meets the requirements. To be able to install MINI Sharing, your MINI needs to be equipped with the Flexible CarSharing Preparation option (5GE) so that it’s ready-to-share.

You can check with your dealer to make sure your MINI meets the requirements. As soon as the MINI Sharing module is installed in your MINI, you then just have to download the MINI Sharing app, add your MINI to your account, and you are ready to go.


Do I need to choose dedicated packages or options while configuring my MINI?

MINI Sharing is an accessory. To be able to enjoy MINI Sharing, you can ask your MINI sales advisor to have it installed before handover (just like any other MINI accessory). If you already have an eligible* MINI, you can talk to your advisor and request an upgrade for your car.

*All MINI models equipped with the option Flexible CarSharing Preparation option (5GE) support MINI Sharing.


How does MINI Sharing work?

In order to enjoy MINI Sharing you need 3 things: 

  • MINI equipped with the Flexible CarSharing Preparation option (5GE) 
  • MINI Sharing module installed in your MINI by your MINI dealer
  • To have downloaded and registered the MINI Sharing app

Once the module is installed in your MINI, and you’ve downloaded the app, you just have to follow the steps of the tutorial in the app to connect your MINI to the MINI Sharing app. After the coupling has being completed, you can locate, open, drive and close your MINI with your phone. You can also invite drivers to download the app, sign up and have the possibility to request to use your MINI whenever you don't need it.

The MINI Sharing app connects with the module via Bluetooth, which means that once there is an active booking, you do not need an internet connection to open, drive or close the MINI. This allows you and your drivers to park in underground garages or remote areas. However, for some specific actions the module will need an internet connection to be able to send messages to our servers – such as for the location or fuel or battery level.



Should I still share my MINI with my family and friends in these times?

MINI Sharing allows you to share your MINI safely with your friends and family. This means you can select with whom you'd like to share your MINI and at what times. By sharing your MINI with MINI Sharing you enable your loved ones to move safely from place to place with a vehicle that is only shared in a small group.


What hygiene measures should we take when we share a MINI?

There are several measures you and your drivers can take, here are some tips we recommended:

  • Wash your hands before entering the vehicle.
  • Leave some hand sanitiser in the MINI for you and your drivers to use if washing your  hands is not possible.
  • Buy liquid disinfectant or disinfectant wipes to clean the gear, wheel and the console before, and after, using the MINI.
  • Throw away all the tissues and wipes when closing the MINI or returning the vehicle.



Can I also use my MINI Sharing app to open, drive and close the my MINI?

With MINI Sharing, you are not only able to share your MINI hassle-free, but you can also use the MINI Sharing app to get keyless access to your MINI by locating, opening and driving your MINI at anytime. Please, nevertheless always carry a key with you just in case your smartphone does not work or runs out of battery.


Can I always track the location of my MINI?

To respect the data privacy of your drivers, you can't track the location of your MINI when one of your drivers is currently using it. As soon as the driver ends the booking, you will immediately receive the parking location of your MINI. The location can be checked in the app and is available until the next booking of one of your drivers starts.


On how many smartphones can I download and log in to the app?

For security reasons, a user can only use one device at the time. We highly recommend you log in with just one device. If you need to change devices, please make sure to end any active booking and log out before logging in a new device. This logic is applicable for the owner and for every driver.


I share a MINI with my family. Can we all be owners of the MINI in the MINI Sharing app and manage the calendar and bookings?

To ensure the best possible management of your MINI, only one person can be the manager of the MINI in the MINI Sharing app. However, the owner who acts as the manager of the MINI can set all the drivers as VIPs so no one would need the manager to accept in advance a reservation request.


Can I be an owner in my MINI Sharing app but also use other MINIs as a driver?

Yes, with your account in the MINI Sharing app, you can have your MINI as the owner and several other MINIs, that are shared with you, as a driver. With MINI Sharing, there is no limit to your MINI collection.


Do I always need to confirm booking requests from drivers?

MINI Sharing gives you the option to select your drivers as VIPs if you wish to do so. A booking requested by one of your VIP drivers will be automatically confirmed by the system if the slot selected is available in your MINI Sharing calendar. You can, of course, always cancel any confirmed booking up to the moment the next driver booking has started.


Do my drivers always have access to my MINI?

With MINI Sharing you have full control over your MINI. Your drivers will only be able to locate and access your MINI when they have an active and previously confirmed booking.


Can I share my MINI with anyone, anywhere?

You can share your MINI with up to 10 people at the same time. All your drivers need to have an address in the same country as you. Drivers can, however, also use your MINI for longer booking periods and drive to other cities or even other countries.


Can drivers park my MINI anywhere at the end of their trip?

Your MINI’s ‘home area’ is defined by a radius of 300 m from the home address that you've entered in your MINI Sharing app’s settings. This is displayed to your drivers in the app. The app recommends that drivers end all bookings in this home area. But to prevent an endless search for a parking space, it is still possible to end the booking outside the home area. If this happens, the driver will be notified accordingly. If you have a dedicated parking space for your MINI, you can inform your drivers about it via the app in order to ensure your MINI will be returned to this space.


What happens if one of the drivers gets a speeding ticket / parking ticket?

Our app offers full transparency regarding who (you or your drivers) was using the MINI, and at what date and time. Therefore, it's very easy to match up a ticket with a driver. However, the MINI Sharing app does not provide a billing option for speeding / parking tickets – so you'll need to get in touch with your driver directly.



Does the MINI Sharing app work in an underground carpark or places with low internet signal?

The MINI Sharing app connects with the module via Bluetooth. Therefore, in order to open and close the vehicle and to turn the engine on you do not need an internet connection. The MINI Sharing app, however, connects to the server using the internet, so to create, start or end a reservation, you need to have an internet connection.


How can I contact MINI Sharing if I have problems with the service?

Our Call Centre is available to help you and your drivers 24/7. The customer service team can help you with any questions or problems you may have related to MINI Sharing. You can find the phone number of the Call Centre in the ‘profile section’ in the MINI Sharing app or during an active booking.


Can I equip my MINI with the MINI Sharing module by myself?

In order to make sure that the technology is installed correctly and properly tested, the installation of the MINI Sharing module should be done by a professional mechanic at a MINI dealership.


Can I pause or cancel the MINI Sharing service if I don't need it anymore?

With the purchase of a new MINI Sharing module, you automatically acquire a MINI Sharing service subscription with a service duration of 1 year. The duration of the MINI Sharing Service subscription starts when the owner adds their vehicle to their user account. After the MINI Sharing service subscription has expired, the MINI Sharing service can be renewed, subject to continued availability of the MINI Sharing service and to a new subscription at the then-applicable terms and conditions.


How much does the yearly extension of the MINI Sharing service cost?

As you already have a MINI retrofitted, the first year of service is included in the purchase. The yearly subscription has a cost of 49€, including taxes (prices can vary per market). Remember, you must request the extension proactively in the MINI Store after the first year; we will not automatically renew your subscription.



Why can not I add my MINI to the MINI Sharing app?

First, you need to make sure your MINI has the MINI Sharing module retrofitted. Please, keep in mind that only vehicles with the Flexible CarSharing Preparation (5GE) are eligible for the MINI Sharing service. If you have not requested the dealer to install the MINI Sharing module, you will not be able to add your MINI even if your MINI has the 5GE preparation. Call your dealer, set the appointment to get the MINI Sharing module installed and start sharing your MINI!


When adding my MINI to the MINI Sharing app, I get a message saying that another owner has already added the MINI. What should I do?

If you are the first owner of the MINI. Ensure you are using only one account to register and add your MINI. You could have already added your MINI utilizing another account. If you have doubts, please call our support team. They will be happy to help and guide you.

If you are not the first owner of the MINI, it could be that the previous owner forgot to remove the MINI with his or her MINI Sharing app. In this case, you have two options:

  • Contact the previous owner and ask him/her to remove the MINI from the MINI Sharing app.
  • Park the MINI in an area with good connectivity, take both car keys with you and follow the steps shown in the app. The MINI will take a few minutes to prepare internally. Just follow the steps described in the app, and you will be able to open, drive and share your MINI in a matter of minutes.


I have an active booking, it was working fine, but now, the slider is no longer blue. I can not open, drive or close the MINI with the app. What should I do?

When a booking is overdue for longer than 30min, the Bluetooth connection will be deactivated once parked. Therefore:

  • If you are the owner or a VIP driver, finish the current booking and start a new one.
  • If you are a driver, you will need to end the current booking and request a new one. Make sure to contact the owner to get your new booking accepted as soon as possible to enter the MINI and return it.


While signing up in the MINI Sharing app, I get a message saying that my account has already been added. However, this is the first time I register. Why do I get this message?

MINI Sharing service uses the same log-in service as all BMW and MINI portals. Therefore, if you have already registered in any of our portals, you can use the same credentials to log in to the MINI Sharing app. Please be aware that if you change the password in the MINI Sharing app, that will be your new password for all the other portals using the same email address.